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Social Media Management

Community Development - Engagement - Conversions

Social Media Management is more than just creating posts, scheduling them, and hoping for the best. At the Mango House, we strive to provide the best service possible, by being intentional with developing a customized social media strategy and implementing best practices that we believe most appropriate for your business. Addressing your current pain points and future goals, we utilize the Mango House Method to research, plan, implement, and report our findings to keep you informed and feeling confident along the way. 

Developing social media strategy, content creation, copywriting, scheduling, story and Reel development, engagement, and monthly reporting are just some of the tasks that we offer with our Social Media Management service. Not to mention the overarching goal we have that influences any of the steps we take: developing a strategy that converts cold leads to paying clients. You can rely on the Mango House to take your business' social media presence to the next level.

Ad Management

Digital advertising is one of the most effective tools available to any business owner today. Boosting powerful, algorithmic technology, digital ads can help you find and maintain repeat customers. But for all their mighty potential, learning to manage these ads can be time-consuming, tricky, and sometimes pose a steep learning curve.

The Mango House is fluent in the language of ad management

Establishing, managing, & troubleshooting campaign strategy

Custom audience creation, target audience analysis, cold audience development

Retargeting, detailed reporting, extensive A/B testing, & much more

When clients place these tasks in the hands of the Mango House, they give themselves…
 The gift of time

But also, the gift of brand visibility and increased profits. To focus on the big ideas, manage their workdays gracefully, and more fully embrace the most meaningful parts of their lives!

Email Marketing

Ads & Marketing Strategies - Long-term Custumers

Social media might have you thinking that a brief meet-cute brings in more clients than an email ever could. But researchers? They say otherwise. By combining modern advertising techniques with our effective email marketing strategies, you’re sure to keep up a meaningful, long-term connections with all your customers.

Business & Marketing Mentorship

Consistent - Supportive - Holistic

Our mentorship program goes beyond a list of marketing dos & don’ts and motivational prompts. Our services prepare your business to take its next steps towards prosperity by infusing actionable entrepreneurial advice with ideas from psychological experts. We’re also informed by the scientific method itself, committed to facing entrepreneurial obstacles with curiosity, evidence-based reasoning, and sound analysis.

From comprehensive lessons spanning financial literacy, brand identity, product/service development, and more, every aspect of our menthorship curriculum is designed with our clients’ individual goals in mind. Our clients find that the Mango House Method allows their own personal lives to become wellsprings from which their businesses can flourish.

This combination of approaches form the Mango House Method,

designed to position your business to thrive from its very source...YOU!

Your first strategy session is on the house!